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The Chair II, III, IV

Series of 3 holographic photography print on Slavich holographic film, 2017

4"x 5" (102x127mm) each

The Chair II, III, IV, a part of The Chair – الكرسي series, consists of a series of three 4"x 5" (102 x 127 mm) holographic photography prints on Slavich holographic film made using HeNe laser. The holograms after development can be seen using a white point-light source such as an LED or flashlight -- they will not appear in ambient light. Somewhat hidden in plain sight, only when one knows how to find them do we have the ability to see them, similar to the idea of ultimate power, one that exists but cannot be touched or seen. The three chairs, each on a different film, are presented in different angles, one from the front of the chair, another the side, and the third in the bottom of the chair.

*Images for this artwork are unclear, at it is extremely difficult to photograph the light sensitivity materials.

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