Marwa Benhalim

An interdisciplinary visual artist that tackles power systems, their structural manifestations, and language through spatial and material culture. Her work examines how these structures and their resistances are reified as, what is thought to be, completely mundane everyday objects, actions, and utterances. By utilizing text, sculpture, food, sound, and video in multimedia installation she reveals how these power relationships proliferated and established tools in shaping, directing, and dominating social and political thought and action. At the core of her practice, she analyses language, mainstream culture, and objects as a tool to collapse and contentiously resist oppressive powers.

Benhalim is a Libyan/Egyptian artist and curator, currently living and working in Cairo, Egypt. She has participated in exhibitions in Egypt, USA, UAE, Italy, Mexico, and Spain. Benhalim holds an MFA from Southern Methodist University, TX, 2017; a BA from the American University in Cairo, Egypt, 2014, and a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design from the University of the Arts, London, UK, 2010.


Featured In

Independent Arabia, “THE COOKBOOK Exhibition, complex scenes and videos in our age", 

by Yasser Sultan, 2020

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Al Araby, "Marwa Benhalim - Political Corruption with the kitchen’s vocabulary”,

by Mahmoud Atef, 2020

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CairoWhat, "Marwa Benhalim - THE COOKBOOK," video conversation, 2020 

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PATRON Magazine, “2017 Best of the Arts”

by Lee Escobedo, 2017

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SMU, "Spotlight on Meadows MFA Art Student Marwa Benhalim",

by Kellie Spano, 2016

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Mada Masr, "Roznama 4 Exhibition - between contemporary art and a hard place",


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