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Attempting Abla Nazira

Collaborative Online Platform, 2020 (ongoing)

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Attempting Abla Nazira is an online platform that engages womxn who work in creative, intellectual, and service fields, by cooking, writing, and reflecting on food in relation to cultural production, gender politics and regional socio-economics. The platform examines the affect of these themes, by performatively reiterating recipes by Nazira Nicolas. Collaborative participation and exchange of knowledge shared between artists, academics, researchers, and food practitioners, draws upon experiences of womxn from North Africa and West Asia, primarily, and in global communities generally. 

Born out of the social distancing and quarantine scape of COVID-19, this project aims to present an opportunity to connect and learn from one another. Through bi-monthly recorded live cooking and conversational sessions, image production and writings, womxn partake in the nurturing act of cooking and eating together via virtual spaces of gathering. The platform is a collaborative artwork by artists Marwa Benhalim and Moza Almatrooshi. 

Attempting Abla Nazira
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