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TOKEN, 2021

TOKEN exhibition by artist Aya Tarek explores our obsession with consumption and its effect on the Egyptian societal ideals that dominate our virtual and non-virtual realities. TOKEN is a rollercoaster ride that merges paintings and digital NFT artworks in an ideological and visual twist.


Scaffolding a Familiar Epoch, 2021

Artist Yasmine ElMeleegy performs as an artist, researcher, historian, museologist, and contractor to untangle the past, present and possible future of a 19th-century pharmacy in downtown Cairo. 


Attempting Abla Nazira, 2020 (to present)

Attempting Abla Nazira is an online platform that engages women who work in creative, intellectual, and service fields by cooking, writing, and reflecting on food in relation to cultural production, gender politics, and regional socio-economics. The platform is a collaboration with artist Moza Almatrooshi. 

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